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Formation - Commerce / Gestion / Management
Skema BS - SKEMA Business School - Campus Paris

Objectif de la formation :

Avez-vous un MBA (ou équivalent) et au moins cinq années d’expérience professionnelle ?
Etes-vous enclin à la réflexion ? Avez-vous envie de prendre du recul par rapport à votre vie professionnelle et de publier le résultat de vos réflexions ? Souhaitez-vous créer de la connaissance à partir de votre expérience et de vos pratiques managériales et publier ce travail ? Etes-vous dans l’incapacité de participer à des séminaires en face-à-face ?

Si c’est votre cas, le Digital Doctorate in Business Administration (DDBA), qui couvre le champ du management et qui est proposé en partenariat par SKEMA Business School & Business Science Institute, est pour vous !

Enseignement :

The DDBA is a distance-learning DBA in the general field of management, of SKEMA Business School & The Business Science Institute

This programme relies on a digital knowledge box that allows managers to work at a distance from their home, office, etc. during their own available time. The knowledge box contains 16 doctoral courses or Knowledge Cores with exclusive videos, books, articles, exchange forums, quizzes, etc.

Admission :

Niveau d'entrée requis : Bac+5
The documents to be sent are as follows:

Completed and signed application form with your photo inserted
A detailed resume
A digital photograph
Highest diploma or certificate received (only one)
A copy of your passport
Transcripts from your MBA / master
Proposed (not final) subject for your Executive DBA (between five and ten pages)
Motivation letter
Employer’s certificate
Recommendation letter
IAE application file (filled/signed – please insert photo)
Document saying that you accept to be registered on SKEMA and BSI websites
Copy of the bank transfer certificate for €100 for the selection fees.
If your application is accepted, this acceptance is valid only for the related recruitment period. Sessions start on 2nd January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October.

Your file must be COMPLETE for us to consider your application. Check that each document sent has the following structure in its title: name_number_name of document; for instance: gordon_1_application form

Débouchés :

Niveau de sortie : Bac+6
Once their thesis is defended, the new doctors obtain a Doctorate in Business Administration from SKEMA Business School and The Business Science Institute as well as from IAE Lyon, Jean Moulin University, France. DDBA students are enrolled in all three institutions: SKEMA Business School, The Business Science Institute (BSI) and Jean Moulin Lyon University.

The DDBA relies on both SKEMA Business School’s and The Business Science Institute’s expertise in terms of DBA programmes. The DDBA is aimed at doctoral students/managers who are motivated to obtain both professional and personal recognition in terms of their capacity to create knowledge based on their managerial experience. Strengthened by this newly acquired legitimacy, they will be able to develop professionally and pass on their knowledge through books, articles, conferences and teaching, while carrying on with their business lives.

If a student does not want to pursue beyond the first year, if she/he has followed all courses (knowledge cores), answered adequately all quizzes and "thoughtful pondering" questions, sent his monthly activity report every month satisfactorily, she/he will obtain a research certificate from SKEMA Business School and The Business Science Institute.

Contacts :

Téléphone : 01 41 16 74 61
Site Internet :
Adresse : 5, quai Marcel Dassault 92150 Suresnes

Informations générales

Coût :
Année de création de la formation :
Début des cours :
Inscription avant :
Crédit ECTS : 180
Alternance : possible
Stage : possible
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