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 Ecole Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées

Diplôme national de master (DNM) en sciences et technologies, mention informatique

Master 2 professionnel - Informatique / Numérique
EPITA - Ecole Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées

Objectif de la formation :

Born in 1984, EPITA (from the French Ecole pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées : School of Computer Science & Advanced Techniques) has been steadily gaining a reputation of excellence among multinational companies, which often recruit our students before the end of their studies. At EPITA, computing and information technologies are considered fundamental subjects and are always placed in the context of students' future managerial role and within the perspective of their position of responsibility. Scientific studies complement this training to broaden and complete the scientific culture vital to the future engineer.

Enseignement :

The aim of the International Engineering Master at EPITA is to develop in its students the best management practices within the field of Computer Science Engineering. Each student should have a solid basis in fundamental engineering concepts and in those additional skills essential for both clarity and accuracy in situation analysis and problem solving in the IT business.

Admission :

Niveau d'entrée requis : Bac+3
Our International Master in Computer Science is open to candidates holding a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science or related fields.

Students with a strong background in Engine

Débouchés :

Niveau de sortie : Bac+5
Since its creation in 1984, more than 5,400 students have graduated from EPITA and now work in more than 1700 firms. The school's aim has always been to train top-level young people, giving them true professional skills that will make them rapidly operational. This preparation for the corporate world implies innovative teaching methods, enriched with numerous opportunities for contact with the professional environment.

Working with the faculty, the Director of Career Services is responsible for listing needs, preparing, coordinating and implementing companies' actions to achieve high standard professional objectives.

Contacts :

Nom du directeur : Joel Courtois
Téléphone : 01 44 08 01 01
Site Internet :
Adresse : 14-16 rue Voltaire 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre

Informations générales

Coût : 12,400 euros
Année de création de la formation : 2011
Début des cours : septembre
Inscription avant : mail
Crédit ECTS : 120
Alternance : non
Stage : obligatoire
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