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Formation - Commerce / Gestion / Management
ESCP Business School

Objectif de la formation :

A first-class academic institution cannot content itself with spreading knowledge through its programmes and teachings. It must go further by producing original and pertinent findings through the support of research activities which will eventually lead to scientific publications. An academic institution must also be a stepping stone for professor-researchers who conduct research and broadcast knowledge concerning the ideas of tomorrow.

Enseignement :

This is the primary role of the doctorate programmes of ESCP, which benefit from the resources of diverse European academic traditions. In order to accomplish such projects, two doctorals programmes, available at the Berlin and the Paris campus, offer all students the possibility of working in close proximity with Faculty members, in addition to providing methodological and theoretical teachings.

Admission :

Niveau d'entrée requis : Bac+5
Master's degree

Débouchés :

Niveau de sortie : Bac+6
Doing a Ph.D. is a great intellectual journey, and the foundation of a professional trajectory. At ESCP, we take these two pillars of any PhD project very seriously. Our Ph.D programme offers a great environment to do your Ph.D. Our Ph.D. students are provided not only with the indispensable academic and financial guidance but also with social and moral support. Far beyond their viva, this supportive environment is a cornerstone for their academic identity.

Contacts :

Nom du directeur : Frank Bournois
Téléphone : 01 49 23 20 00
Site Internet :
Adresse : 79 avenue de la république 75011 Paris

Informations générales

Coût :
Année de création de la formation :
Début des cours :
Inscription avant :
Crédit ECTS : 180
Alternance : possible
Stage : obligatoire
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