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 Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

International Professional Master in Management of Eco-Innovation

Master 2 professionnel - Commerce / Gestion / Management
UVSQ - Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Objectif de la formation :

This one-year, internship-based post-graduate degree is conducted in English by a partnership of university and industry-based instructors, aiming to give you the skills and experience needed to join the next generation of eco-innovation entrepreneurs and managers.

* Learn eco-innovation management from inspiration to solution - ecological problems, technical and social innovation strategies, technologies and applications, knowledge translation and management, environmental and intellectual property law, founding and financing a start-up, and more…

* Learn in English in France, at France's environmental university

* Paid internships with leading French eco-innovation businesses

Employers will see that you are:

* Job ready, having conducted eco-innovation projects during work-terms with industry partners, supervised by industry managers and supported by academic advisors reflecting upon and addressing eco-innovation challenges arising in internship projects.

* Technology-educated, with up-to-date knowledge of technologies implicated in global ecological challenges, from problem-creating technologies to problem-solving technologies, with additional knowledge of innovation systems generating new technologies ready for eco-innovation applications.

* Effective communicators, able to present ideas orally and in writing, in functional international business English.

* Structural thinkers capable of generalizing effectively from knowledge of particular experiences, and equally capable of applying general categories and concepts to understand new or unfamiliar experiences.

* Comprehensively educated regarding the problems and promise of eco-innovation: exposed broadly and deeply to the ecological problems faced by eco-innovators, and the business opportunities presented by those problems.

In addition to your Integration Seminar experience of group work to apply learning to a real-world problem, you will gain on-the-job eco-innovation experience.

From water to energy, building technologies to transport, and the policy and governance framework supporting sustainable development, our partners are at the heart of the French economy and its support for eco-innovation, with global reach to clients throughout major and developing markets.

Enseignement :

You will learn in the classroom and in internship situations where you will address real eco-innovation management problems. You will be guided by a combination of university- and industry-based instructors, studying a total of six eco-innovation modules. During internship terms you will take up a paid internship, addressing a real eco-innovation management problem. Your learning in academic terms will be integrated and applied to a real-life eco-city innovation problem in an Integration Seminar combining group and individual work.

312 in-class hours over six modules, plus an integration seminar

* Eco-innovation and competitiveness in a globalizing economy
* Methods and tools for economic and environmental evaluation
* Finance and entrepreneurship
* Social acceptability
* Major scientific challenges and technologies for sustainability
* Multiple skill modules (negociation, creativity, language, science)


Your progress will be assessed on an individual basis within course modules and internships. Your work as a team-member will also be assessed, in the context of the Integration Seminar.

Admission :

Niveau d'entrée requis : Bac+5
Détenteur M1 ou équivalent

We welcome applications from candidates able to commit to full-time study beginning in September 2014. As an interdisciplinary, post-graduate programme we seek candidates with strong academic records

Débouchés :

Niveau de sortie : Bac+4
From classroom learning to internship experience you will gain skills in:

* Analysis of the challenges of eco-innovation in different cities, regions, and countries
* Articulation of the importance of environmental ethics to eco-innovation
* Understanding determinants of national competitiveness and the contribution of eco-innovation to competitiveness
* Application of principles of sustainable development
* Methods of technological and social foresight analysis
* Observation and measurement of environmental change
* Evaluation of innovation systems in energy, transport, construction, and water
* Analysis of environmental law
* Analysis of key factors for success in business management for eco-innovation
* Eco-innovation business plan development
* Integration of intellectual property management into eco-innovation
* Identification of finance options for eco-innovation
* Evaluation of environmental, technical, and financial risk
* Leadership and project management in research, development and demonstration focused on eco-innovation

Contacts :

Nom du directeur : Dr. Patrick Schembri
Téléphone : +33 (0)1 39 25 50 09
Site Internet :
Adresse : 5-7 boulevard d'Alembert 78047 Guyancourt Cedex

Informations générales

Coût :
Année de création de la formation : 2009
Début des cours : septembre
Inscription avant :
Crédit ECTS : 60
Alternance : non
Stage : obligatoire
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